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for the modern enterprise

Miramar provides battle-tested senior developers when you need them most. From our development teams to yours - work with the engineering company you can trust.

Miramar On-Demand

Hire the skills you need

Engage battle-tested developers who are hand-selected and trusted for their ability to work within high functioning teams. Miramar developers work across 99% of tech stacks and are all based in the United States. Top communication, technical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are qualities that our developers will bring to your projects. Our niche experts range across all your tech stack needs - mobile, tablet, web, native, and more.


Miramar Services

Can we build it for you?

Miramar Services are best for builders who don't have an available internal tech division. You will benefit from a pre-built team of experts, who each have something great to offer your project. Great software isn't built by super-human developers who know it all. Our teams include designers, developers, database engineers, QA testers, project managers, and product strategists who already know how to take your project across the finish line. Don't waste resources on freelancers and overpriced flat-bids, when a prebuilt team can get it done - and you only have to pay for the hours actually worked.

Getting Started
Book a requirements call
project resources
a start date

Everything about Miramar's process is simple and transparent. Let's first talk about your project and together we can identify how to get started. We will get to work estimating costs and timeline. Then we will pick a launch date and ride into the sunset... efficiently.

Tried & True
Key Advantages
Every team can improve, what does yours need?
Powerful Engineering
When engineers are working in their strengths - the result is strategic interfaces, scalable apps, snappy data fetching and easy expansion.
Experienced Designers
Looking good is far less important than having users who are happy to use your software. Happy users and consistent engagement is the metric for top design.
Proven Management
Product owners and project managers should be like expert orchestra conductors. Professionals love the momentum of a well-oiled process.
Disciplined Documentation
Let’s face it - we all fall behind on documentation. Bring in a pro who can understand the gap, and bring you current.
All that data, and you’re hardly leveraging it. Bring in some top-notch database or analytics consultants to maximize the usefulness of the treasure trove you own.
Secure Environments
Not if, but when they come for you - be on the right side of security. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Developer traits
that matter

Craig S.
VP of Software
Our devs have the verbal and written chops to maximize. Misunderstandings cause too many project failures.
Jason A.
VP of Marketing
Tight code (and documentation) provide maintainability and flexibility. There are too many codebases suffering from shortcuts and inexperience.
Elizabeth D.
Director of Engineering
At the end of the day, decisions are everything. The effectiveness of your software will be built upon those nuanced choices that your team must make a thousand times over.
Budgeting for Software: A 7 Step Guide

There are two types of software budgets. You can either gamble or you can sprint. The goal of this guide is to advocate for pace and predictability, over guesswork and hope, so businesses can continuously plan for more digitalization.

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