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Kendall Bachman Miramar CEO
Kendall Bachman
Miramar CEO
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Software Developers for the Modern Enterprise


“With everything going on around here, I realized I’m out of my depth and I needed to bring Miramar in.”
VP of Technical Recruiting

Battle-tested engineers

Quickly onboard your next software team member. Hire or contract trusted developers that are hand-selected for their ability to work within high functioning teams. Benefit from our high bar for communication, code quality, efficiency, foresight, and all the traits you’d expect from your next top hire.

Everything Software

The comprehensive software expertise you need. Let us build production-ready e-commerce, mobile, native, and web software for your users. We collaborate, strategize, roadmap, design, develop, test, and maintain applications of all shapes and sizes.

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What Enterprise Executives Are Saying About Miramar’s Team

VP of Software
We are in a really healthy place now, thanks to all your work.
VP of Marketing
Miramar built customer portals in weeks after other developers failed to deliver in  months.
Director of Engineering
My team's culture is precious to me, and Miramar defends that, providing people that really make a difference.
Budgeting for Software: A 7 Step Guide

There are two types of software budgets. You can either gamble or you can sprint. The goal of this guide is to advocate for pace and predictability, over guesswork and hope, so businesses can continuously plan for more digitalization.

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Adjusted Rates
We are doing everything we can to help software teams through COVID.
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